Updates for March 1999

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It's taken so long to get an update in this month, so here we go!

Today I put up the SAG Award nomination for Friends. I added another useless fact. I updated the Alanis news. And I updated the Alanis discography. And I really prefer this font to last month's!

Oh BTW the Alanis page hit 4000 and the JLP Lyrics page hit 1000 in the past few days!

That's it!!!


Hi. Wow two updates in a row, this is a rare moment in these past weeks... *g*

Anyway before I start, Push A Little Farther reached 3000 hits yesterday (yay!)

And the updates for today were a couple small to medium updates on the DC pages, and I added another useless fact!

That's it!! See ya later!


Yay I actually had a little time to update again today

So today I did some work on some Alanis lyrics and discography. So the lyrics to These Are The Thoughts are up (although there are a lot of ???'s there, sign my guestbook if you know what they are), as well as the clean version of You Oughta Know (Which is basically the original version minus the F word).

And on the Push side of the site, I added 10 pictures of Eddie Mills, and converted that to a Push/Dawson's Creek gallery (as opposed to just Push).

That's it!

PS I am now registered on Alanis.com. If you see anything posted by "So Pure", that's me!


Not many updates today--only one in fact. I made more of an attempt at the lyrics to These Are The Thoughts. That's about it!


Little update today--put up the winners of the SAG Awards (unfortunately not The X-Files or Friends...), and I also added a quote, as well as putting up a new site of the week (which ending up being like the site of the fortnight, sorry I totally forgot!!).

On another note--The Jaime Pressly Picture Gallery hit 2000 in the past day or so. It is definitely my fastest-growing page, with over 850 hits SO FAR THIS MONTH! I'm not sure why this page is all of a sudden so popular, as there are only a few pictures on it; but hey, I'm not complaining!


This is really good, I've updated five days in a row!

Anyway... Today I updated the DC guest stars etc., and the Push news (Jason Behr's got another TV role). I also fixed another line in "These are the Thoughts"..... The Jaime Pressly Picture Gallery is still growing rapidly

And that's it!!!



First I added a quote.

I added the MIDI for Right Through You (you can listen to it by downloading or whatever, I will have it as the background for next months updates.

I did some BSB discography work, it's actually more preparatory work for tomorrow when I'm putting the lyrics from From This Moment On up there with who sang what line at Shania's Winter Break (I will get that info tonight, I have it on tape).

And then the HUGE updates on the Alanis lyrics section. Some more preparatory work, updating discography etc. And then I put up the lyrics to a whole bunch of live performances etc (the stuff on some older singles which I happened to recently purchase). Also the lyrics to the Your House Live Version a2b sound file. Another thing that I did with the lyrics was an update on the JLP lyrics. Ya know how my motto for the lyrics is "Written the way they were sung, not the way they were written"? Well I must have been sleeping the day I did the JLP lyrics, so I had to fix a whole bunch of those....

That took quite a bit of time.

Then I updated some DC Character and guest star info.

And finally I stole some more information from the Push official site at ABC.com and so there's some more stuff on Push A Little Farther now!!

Also I put up a new site of the week (I know it's only four days, but if I do it on Saturdays then I can do it every week), and rearranged the main page a little..

And that's it!!!


Some more updates today, I haven't got everything done I wanted to yet, but I've got a week for March Break....

Anyway today I worked on the Unsent video thing, but it's not up yet. I made a small correction on the SFIJ lyrics page. I put up the lyrics for From This Moment On however, on the Backstreet page. A big update on the Alanis lyrics/discography page--I updated most of the discography, I've got more to update still... Anyway so I updated that a little, and moved London, because it's changed from Unreleased to being on the Unsent Single. I also updated the Alanis news, and updated the DC guest stars.

And that's it (whew!)


Just a little update today--I made another attempt at These are the Thoughts, with some help from posts at Alanis.com, thanks a lot!


Wow another BIG update today. Okay I updated the Alanis links, and put a really neat piece of news. Also, I updated the main discography, put up the lyrics to Hand In My Pocket Live/Acoustic, and Hand In My Pocket Clean Album Version. In addition, I updated all the discography on the smaller lyrics pages, so now every song in Alanis' discography is on one of the lyrics pages. In addition, I created a new page to fit between Now Is the Time etc. and Supposed Former Infatuation Junkie etc., for The Prayer Cycle and Space Cakes. I needed that page, otherwise the already large pages would get even larger! Anyway I also updated the credits. And I actually did a lot of discography work etc on the other Alanis lyrics pages, with some other juggling around. So that was it. Oh! And I also put up the Unsent sub-titles (that was a hassle, but I'm glad to do it!!)

Enjoy your stay!


Happy St. Patrick's Day!

Not as big an update today, I'm slowly dwindling down all the updates I have to make....

Added a Useless fact today. I also put up the lyrics/transcript of Alanis' performance of Uninvited at the Grammy's plus her acceptance speech. I also fixed all the titles of the lyrics pages, after moving them around etc, I forgot to change the titles (the one that shows in the top of your screen). And finally I added a quote from Everybody's Free (gotta luv that song!)

See ya around!


Today I fixed a quote (wrong song title), I updated Push A Little Farther (I figured out how I confused the name too-it's a line from "Perfect" by Alanis), with some more useless info and stuff like that. I corrected a capitalisation in the numerous Alanis lyrics pages which contained Thank U (It's should be providence, not Providence). Finally I put up part of the Rosie O'Donnell Show appearance, the lyrics from the Unsent and Thank U performances are up, and the interview will be up soon!


Major updates again today! I added the MIDI's to UR and Unsent, I linked them on the SFIJ lyrics page. I updated the credits and links. I added a couple useless facts and some links on that page. I put up the April '99 Updates page (I figured I may as well do it now while I have time). As a result I updated the Fonts and Site Map. I put some links on the earlier updates pages, back to the main update page (completely forgot).... I'll remember in future, because I'm just using the same basic page... Like for next months I took this page, changed the font, the colours, the month, the counter, the MIDI, etc.. and then the file name... I updated the How Did You Get Here on the guestbook, and finally I put up a new site of the week and made the main page a little bit Eastery...


Today I put some more links on the useless facts page. I put the counter on the April updates. Finally I added four pictures of Jason Behr. And that's it for the March Break updates, I most likely won't be able to update every day again for a while, but I hope to keep going!


A day or two ago, Fracky's Nick Carter World got a new name, address, and banner. (It's almost as if it's a different site!, but it's not). Anyway so as a result, I updated the Links, Credits, and Backstreet pages. I also put the banner on the main page. I also updated the Alanis news today, as well as eliminating / condensing some of the old news. Finally I updated the DC character page a little bit.

On a happy note--The main page hit 3000 hits yesterday!


Today I put up the lyrics to Spoon (Dave Matthews Band, but Alanis is featured), I also made huge corrections on Don't Drink the Water (Lyrics.ch was SO WRONG), and I also put up the lyrics to the Unsent Single (London performed at the Bridge School Benefit, and Are You Still Mad performed live for BBC/Radio One). And that's it!!


Bunch of updates today. I put up a new site of the week. I put Backstreet Online back on the links page. I updated the BSB page and the lyrics pages, with news of a new single. I put up the lyrics to Forgiven Live/Acoustic on the Alanis Lyrics, as well as adjusting the ones to "Rain". I also put up some Alanis news (Lilith Fair), and finally added a quote.

On a landmark note; the Push Picture Gallery hit 5000, and the Jaime Pressly Picture Gallery hit 3000.


Today I added four MIDI's from Supposed Former Infatuation Junkie, so they are linked on that page, plus I rearranged some of the MIDI's on the Alanis Lyrics pages to accomodate some of them. So there are some new MIDI's up there. I also changed the MIDI on the April Updates page. I also updated the Push and Push Characters pages with some information of the new ways the actors/actresses are going. Finally I updated the Credits, and that's it!


Okay did anyone else watch the brand new Fox cartoon by Matt Groening last night called Futurama????? Well I did and I loved it. So I made a page about it. So I've now got a Futurama page, it's got like nothing right now, but hopefully will have some stuff soon!!

Anyway so that's exciting, my first new section since All Saints... well there's quotes but that didn't take too long, just a little interesting page as opposed to a whole section.. oh well...

Anyway so as a result I updated the guestbook signing thing, and the Site Map. Also today I updated the Useless Facts and Credits.

And that's it!!!!


Last update of the month.. and the weather's amazing!!

Anyway.. So today (actually a day or so ago) I added Futurama to the TV Show Poll, advancing it two votes, to make it slightly fair... It's at the bottom, go and vote! Also I updated the Futurama page, with a bunch of info from Fox.com (thank you, and I updated the credits). I also added a quote.

So the Futurama page is beginning to become worthy... And that's it for this month, see ya in April!!!!

PS I also fixed an underlining on the SFIJ lyrics page!


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